Most Popular Idioms and Phrases Part-29

Most Popular Idioms and Phrases Part-29

Most Popular Idioms and Phrases Part-29

Phrases & IdiomsMeaning in Urdu / HindiSentence
Keep a good houseKhaany ki bhotat honaRich men keep a good house.

She has not keep a good house after her husband death.

Keep houseIdarah ya tanzeem chalanaShe keeps house to help every body.
In a good hourKhosh qismat honaEvery one is your friend in a good hour.
At the eleven hourAakhri lamhay mainNo body will help to you at the eleven hour.

She left her husband at the eleven hour.

To blow hot and coldTardeed kerna/rud kernaHe was blowing hot and cold her proposal.
Line upon lineAahista aahistaThey built the building line upon line.

She is doing her home work line upon line.

Missing linkDalail ko mukamil kerny k lye koi noukta ya aaham baatThere is a missing link between our profession and practice  of socialism as  well as our religion.
Twist the lion’s tailTaqatwar dushman ko parashan kernaOpposition is twisting the lion’s tail.
To make or marTabahi ya kamiyabi ka baais bannaA man make or mar its career.
Make no doubtShak or shubah k bagher/Pour yaqeenMake no doubt, he is a thief.

Make no doubt, I still always be there to help you.

Make goodtalafi kernaHe could not make good my loss.
Make little ofBaikar kerdenaHe made little of his money.

Heavy rain made little of my crop.

Make nothingKoi buri baat na samjhna/Koi hich kichahat ya mushkil na honaHe made nothing of his trouble.

Some people make nothing over fashion.

Be master ofKhabo honaAlways be master of your child.

He should be a master of his work.

To matchK mawafikhShe wore red shirt and blue pent to match.
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