Stop Corona Virus

Stop Corona Virus

WHO has advised the best way to stop Corona Virus N2019 is to be hygienic and boost up your immune system. Here are some tips on how we can protect our loved ones and ourselves!! (Please feel free to share this with your families and friends.)

First things first, just to remind everybody this is a VIRUS, not a bacterial infection. Viruses only respond to our immune system, so taking unnecessary course of antibiotics WILL NOT help, but can actually harm – as antibiotics can lower your immune response by affecting the stomach! The following tips are also helpful as the world enters the (normal) flu season!!


Start taking:

High levels of Vitamin C – viruses CANNOT survive in an environment high in Vitamin C. Take 2000 to 3000mg a day (for the whole family! If anybody gets an upset tummy, just reduce its dose!) FOODS HIGH IN VIT C – Thyme, cabbage, parsley, onions, lemons, limes and oranges.

Zinc – children up to 12 years – 8mg, Adults – 15mg. FOODS HIGH IN ZINC – Ginger, Pumpkin Seeds, Meat ( good quality), Lentils.

Vitamin D3 – 2- 4000iu’s (less for children higher for adults) and get out into the sun!!

Probiotics (multi strain) – 10-50 Billion cells a day (Strong stomach strong = strong immune system!!)

Manuka Honey (UMF +15) – 2 tsp a day – one teaspoon in the morning and one teaspoon at night

Essential oils – EOs are excellent to start burning in your room and in your homes!! Our first point of contact for viruses is our nose. If you are burning antiviral essential oils around you this will kill off the virus before it enters your system.

Also doing inhalations with the oils is a great way to make sure that if there is any virus lurking in your nose, you kill it before it has a chance!!

WHICH OILS? – Tea Tree, Lavender, Clove Bud, Lemon, Ravensara and Eucalyptus Globulus – use all or choose three from this list – diffuse in your house, spray into the rooms with a spray bottle and make your own mix (1 Tablespoon of base oil – Olive, Sunflower, Almond – add in a mix of up to 10 drops of the above oils).

Rub your mix daily on the spine and the soles of your feet. Concentrating at the top of the spine, behind the back of your head, on the ‘Big Bone (those who have my book it’s acupressure point, Du16 point).

Other herbal tinctures you might want to get and start giving your family-
Oregano oil (5- 10 drops a day if you have the pure oil – be careful it is super strong!! I would suggest 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening! OR if you have the pills 500mg 2 x a day)
Echinacea – 500mg a day

Drink lots good quality water!!! Water is crucial for everything but especially to help flush things out of our body!!
Keep good hygiene – washing hands after you have been out and wearing a mask if you are going to crowded places!


Juice of one Lemon
1 Handful of fresh Thyme or 1 Tablespoon dried thyme
2 inches of ginger (pounded so juices are released)
Manuka honey +15 (to taste but I recommend 2 teaspoons for therapeutic value)
1-Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
1 clove of fresh garlic – (I add this in at night so I don’t smell of garlic all day!!)

Put the Thyme into a cup or teapot poor hot boiling water on top and let the Thyme sit for 15 minutes. Remove the Thyme after it has infused into the water, then add in all the rest of the ingredients. Crush the whole clove of garlic at the end and leave all the bits in. You can double to recipe and drink throughout the day.

LASTLY – please do not PANIC– stress lowers our immunity! And not every fever or flu like symptoms is the coronavirus! It is also flu season so be vigilant and smart but don’t panic!

Be safe, everyone 😷 As received

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