Most Popular Idioms and Phrases Part 1

Most Popular Idioms and Phrases Part 1

Popular Idioms and Phrases

Idioms and PhrasesMeaningSentence
ABACK (Taken aback)Heran ho janaAslam was taken aback to see me on his boat
ABANDON  (Abandon oneself)Raghbat honaI cannot abandon myself to drive
BACK FRIEND  Sath deney wala dostThere are few back friends left nowadays
BACK BITEChughli khanaIt is not good to back bite your friends
BACK AND BELLYRoti KapraIt is very hard to earn back and belly nowadays
BAD DEBITQarza jo wapas na mileySooner or later you have to write off a bad debits
TO HANG IN BALANCEGher yaqeeniThe future of a young man hangs in the balance
KEEP THE BALL ROLLINGKaam chalta rakhnaWhen a man dies, his family has keep the ball rolling
BEAT ABOUT THE BUSHBal ki khal utarnaThere is no use always beating about the bush
BEAT ITBhag janaWhen the dawn appear the cat beat it
BEAUTY SLEEPAdhi rat se pehleyLet have some beauty sleep before the clock strikes twelve
BELL THE CATNa mumkin kaam a azumThe opposition wants to oust the Prime Minister from power but nobody is ready to bell the cat
BEHIND ONE’S BACKPeet pecheyI don’t like your habit of criticising an man behind his back
BELOW ONE’S BREATHKhamoshi seWe are talking below our breath
BELOW THE MARKMayar se kumHis work is below the mark
BEST SELLERHathon hath bikney waliIndia’s war with Pakistan was the best seller
BESIDE ONESELFApey se baharWhen the boy return home, the mother was beside her self with joy
FOR THE BESTAchey iradey seI helped her with best intention
GIVE ONE THE BESTFatah denaIn this game of cards, I give you the best
GET THE BETTER OFBartari hona / Faida honaBy and by will get the better of any trial or trouble
THINK BETTER OFChorne ki sonchnaI have learnt to think better of you

One thought on “Most Popular Idioms and Phrases Part 1

  1. I would like to make a correction here. The idiom in urdu ” Baal ki khaal utarna” does not translate nor convert neither convey the same message as the English idiom mentioned as its counterpart which is ” Beating around the bush”. It is completely different. The right English proverb for the mentioned Urdu Idiom is In addition: depending on the context could mean Hair splitting, making an issue of subtle differences, pin-pointing trivial differences, squabbling, pettifogging etc etc. Whereas, beating around the bush means to avoid something and not coming to the point. The Urdu idiom for that could be ” Idher udher ki hankna” or ” Gol Mol baat kerna”. Hope this would be helpful as I understand how difficult it is to connect Urdu Idioms to English and vice versa. Thank you.

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